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An intentional gift, carefully personalized, speaks a language of its own – the language of love, gratitude, and unspoken emotions.

Artwork or Handwriting Tumbler


20oz stainless steel tumbler showcases your child's artwork or handwriting. The images are printed directly onto the tumbler, so it is an exact duplicate of the drawing.

**You will get the best results by using the template I have (please email me for a copy) and then scanning the finished product to me as a JPG file.

The quality of the outcome is only as good as the drawing provided.

*Use white paper only
*Make it as colorful as possible
*Single line drawings work best - please avoid shading or coloring in the background
* Markers will work best with medium to hard pressure used - faint drawings, using colored pencils or soft images will not transfer
*Please look at all photos in the listing - the wording and drawings are bold and crisp, which is how we got the outcome we did

Everything Done To a T reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order if the drawing will not transfer to the mug well. I will do everything I can to communicate with you along the way and give tips, but ultimately, I do not want to provide anything less than outstanding.

Please contact us with any questions or ideas.